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Record Labels are No Longer Signing Artists?

👇 That's because labels now sign audiences, not artists.


So what does this mean for you as an artist?

And if you build an audience, do you still even need a record label? This is one you don't want to miss... ⬇️

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1. Why labels now avoid signing unknown artists:

🚫 They are no longer the gatekeepers:

Labels used to be the gatekeepers & tastemakers. They were really the only ones with the established network to help influence new audiences with your music. But now, the gates are open to anyone with a phone and fans decide which songs they think are worth listening to.


😅 They got bad at guessing:

After many failed attempts signing unknown artists who didn't connect with audiences, labels realized it's much easier to choose an artist who already has an audience and then try to help them expand from there.


📊 Let's be honest. They're a business:

Labels know that artists who have an audience will be less risky for them...And businesses prefer to avoid risks.

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2. The best way to gain your audience:


You need to know the answers to 2 questions:


1️⃣ Who would the ideal fan be for your song?


Example: You make a song with the lyrics "I don't want to work this 9-5, I just want to party & thrive". Your audience in this case is people who are tired of working & just want to let loose and party.


2️⃣ How could you create content that would stand out/be relatable?



You could create a before and after video where you're bored wearing a suit, and then switch to you DJing & partying with your friends. This would make for a fun video that would connect with your ideal fan.


This is just one example. If you want more, check these 10 post ideas for artists.

How to get signed by a record label 2024.

3. But if you gain a fanbase, do you need a record label?

Think about it...

Labels want you to have a following before they sign you…

But if you already have a following you can: - Release music successfully on your own. - Book shows. - Play by your own rules. - Keep 100% of your money.


Not to say you shouldn't sign with a label, but there are pros & cons. Either way though, the answer for artists remains clear: you need to build a loyal audience.


Take a look at this quote from Spinnin' Records A&R Ortzy Arbinaga:

Spinnin Records 2024.


  1. Labels prefer to sign artists who are already making an impact online.

  2. Knowing who your ideal fan is for your song and creating a path to reach them using your content, personality, and being unique is key.

  3. Whether you sign with a label or not, learning how to make an impact on social media with your music is key.

That's all for today team,



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